I was driving to work the other morning along Boundary Road in Thornlands.  I was on my way to walk a couple of beautiful dogs!  It was just after 8am and the road was very busy.  As I drove up the road, I saw a young lady on the other side of the road with a dog, lying down next to her at the side of the road.  Being an animal person, I decided to go and check that all was well.  I did a quick U turn at the lights and stopped.

The dog seemed very frightened and was not in great shape.  The young woman, having spotted a council ID tag on the dogs collar, had already called the council with the dog's tag number and they said they would try and contact the owner.  Behind me two other cars stopped and two other animal lovers had done the same as me and U-turned around to check all was well.  Within a few minutes the owner had called the young lady.  It was decided that the dog would be taken down to the Redlands Veterinary clinic and that the owner would go there to find her dog.

After helping the young woman get the dog into her car, I left, knowing that this dog was lucky in that it would be safely re-united with it's owner.

It is so important to have some sort of tag on your pet so that if they do get out from the safety of your garden or home, they can be easily reunited with you.