You feed you cat, you stroke her, you let her sit on your lap, but do you spend time playing?

Playing with your cat is not only rewarding for you, but it also fosters an environment for happier, less stressed and fitter felines.  Cats should not be considered no-maintenance pets!

Humans engaging cats in ways that prompt the animal to use stalking skills and brainpower is the way to go - allowing your cat to be the mighty hunter so that emotional, mental and physical needs are met are vital.

Wand toys are great and some cats love playing fetch or stalking items you dangle around on a string.

Some experts love laser pointers to provide stalking and exercise opportunities but others hate them.  They feel that the cat follows it and leaps on it, but never actually has the satisfaction of catching anything, so it ends up being a frustrating game for them.

Creating ways for the cat to keep busy while you're not there is also important  You can use puppy sized Kongs that the cat can move around to get the treats!

Some of the best toys cost next to nothing. Paper bags with ping pong balls inside make great toys!  The inside of toilet rolls make excellent toys!


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