Caring pet owners know that most pets will adjust better to their owner’s absence and experience less anxiety and stress when they can remain in their home environments. Pet sitters make this possible with daily visits to your home. In addition to meals, exercise, playtime and cleaning litter trays or cages, professional pet sitters may also administer medications, walk dogs and perform other pet care duties.

Pet sitters may also provide vital home care services while you are away, including mail or newspaper pick up, plant care and watering, placing bins outside for pickup or rotating the lights and opening or closing the blinds to make your house look lived in. A professional pet sitter provides peace of mind for everyone.

What are the advantages for my pet?

Reduced Stress - Your pet stays in its own familiar secure environment where all the sights, smells and sounds say “Home!”
Diet and Exercise - Customary diet and exercise routines are followed, with no interruption to upset your pet.
No “Travel Trauma" -  Travel in a vehicle upsets some pets.
Health Concerns - With a pet sitter, there is minimal exposure to illness of other animals.
T L C - Most importantly, your pet receives love and personal attention while you are away.

What are the advantages for me?

Travel - You won’t be inconvenienced or upset by transporting your pet.
No Imposition - You don’t have to impose on a friend, neighbor or relative to care for your pet, but instead rely on a pet care professional who will put you pet’s needs first.
Security - Your home is made more secure by the crime deterrent services provided by pet-sitting services.
Peace of Mind - While you’re away, you can feel confident that your pet is in capable, caring hands.
Special Services - Pet sitters can provide additional home services while caring for your pet, such as watering plants and bringing in the mail.

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